Sunday, July 30, 2006

9 New Articles on!!

The following articles were added to the site on July 30, 2006, check out some of the good stuff:

July 2006 (to be published in 2006) - Hermanns, Financial Information and Earnings Quality: A Literature Review New!

July 2006 (published April 2006) - Dimson, Marsh, Stauton, The Worldwide Equity Premium: A Smaller Puzzle New!

July 2005 (to be published in 2006) - Lettau, Wachter, Why Is Long-Horizon Equity Less Risky? A Duration-Based Explanation of the Value Premium New!

July 2006 (published May 2006) - Hou, Karolyi, Kho, What factors drive global stock returns? New!

July 2006 (to be published in 2006) - Jagannathan, Wang, Lazy Investors, Discretionary Consumption, and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns New!

July 2006 (to be published in 2006) - Edmans, García, Norli , Sports Sentiment and Stock Returns New!

July 2006 (published December 2005) - Dammon, Poterba, Spatt, Zhang, Maximizing Long-term Wealth Accumulation: It's Not Just About "What" Investments To Make, But Also "Where" To Make Them New!

July 2006 (published June 2004) - ING, Asset Allocation New!

July 2006 (published 1992) -Sharpe, Asset Allocation: Management Style And Performance Measurement New!

July 2006 - Journal of Behavioral Finance New!


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