Sunday, May 14, 2006

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10 New Articles posted May 12, 2006!!

May 2006 (published October 2005) - Dammon, Poterba, Spatt, Zhang, Maximizing Long-term Wealth Accumulation: It's Not Just About "What" Investments To Make, But Also "Where" To Make Them New!

May 2006 (published April 2006) - Troutner, The Squeaky Wheel New!

May 2006 (published March 2006) - Introduction by Paul Krugman to The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money, by John Maynard Keynes New!

May 2006 (published February 2005) - Gorton, Rouwenhorst, Facts and Fantasies about Commodities Futures New!

May 2006 (published January 2006) - Sagi, Seasholes, Firm-Specific Attributes and the Cross-Section of Momentum New!

May 2006 (published March 2006) - Lemmon, Portniaguina, Consumer Confidence and Asset Prices: Some Empirical Evidence New!

May 2006 (to be published 2006) -Doukas, Kim, Pantzalis, Divergence of Opinion and Equity Returns (older version of article) New!

May 2006 (to be published 2006) - Grossman, Shore, The Cross-Section of Stock Returns before World War I (older version of paper) New!

May 2006 (published January 2006) - Kat, Oomen, What Every Investor Should Know About Commodities, Part I: Univariate Return Analysis New!

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New articles and book on site - updated March 15, 2006!

March 2006 (published September 2005) - Poundstone, Fortune's Formula : The Untold Story of the Scientific Betting System That Beat the Casinos and Wall Street - a history of finance told through Goodfellas - Go to Getting Started page for link

March 2006 (published May 2005 ) - Clark, Petrodollar Warfare: Oil, Iraq and the Future of the Dollar - a high-finance conspiracy theory - oil, dollars and the Iraq Oil Bourse - Go to the Getting Started page for link
March 2006 (published 2005) - Lee, Aizenman, International Reserves: Precautionary vs. Mercantilist Views, Theory, and Evidence
March 2006 (published June 2005) - Fernandez, Financial literature about discounted cash flow valuation
March 2006 - Martin Lettau and Jessica A. Wachter, Why Is Long-Horizon Equity Less Risky? A Duration-Based Explanation of the Value Premium
March 2006 (published February 2005) - Massa, Rehman, Vermaelen, Mimicking Repurchases
March 2006 - Boudoukh, Richardson, Whitelaw, The Myth of Long-Horizon Predictability

March 2006 (published February 2006) - Troutner, Stewards of Capitalism

March 2006 (published February 2006) - Lord, Asset Allocation or Alpha?